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Animal and Plant Production NQF Level 1-4

Animal Production NQF Level 1-Modules

Apply basic agricultural enterprise selection principles
Apply basic food safety practices
Apply elementary farm layout and infrastructure
Apply standard animal feeding procedures
Define production and understand the basic activities of production / conversion in the agri-business environment
Evaluate basic external animal anatomy and morphology
Handle inputs and stock in agri-business
Harvest animal products
Identify the need for capital and understand the need for the recording of the income and different costs in an agri-business
Maintain basic water quality
Observe and handle animals
Recognize basic breeding behavior of farm animals
Recognize defensive behavior in animals
Select, use and care for hand tools and basic equipment and infrastructure
Understand how sustainable farming systems conserve natural resources
Analyse cultural products and processes as representations of shape, space and time
Apply basic dairy production practices
Apply basic pig husbandry practices
Demonstrate an understanding of agro/ecotourism as a system at micro level
Sort and handle animal fibre
Understand organic market requirements
Understand the basic practices of beekeeping and the benefit thereof for agriculture
Administer livestock processing treatments
Mix and deliver feedlot feed to bunker

Animal Production NQF Level 2 Modules

Apply animal products harvesting procedures
Apply crop protection and animal health products effectively and responsibly
Apply layout principles for conservation and infrastructure
Apply marketing principles in agriculture
Apply sustainable farming practices to conserve the ecological environment
Consider plant botany during the placement of bee hives
Control inputs and stock in agribusiness
Define and understand production systems and production management
Evaluate external animal anatomy and morphology
Identify basic breeding practices for farm animals
Illustrate and understand the basic layout of financial statements
Monitor water quality
Observe and inspect animal health
Operate and support a food safety and quality management system in the agricultural supply chain
Respond correctly to control defensive behavior in animals
Understand animal nutrition
Utilise and perform minor repair and maintenance tasks on implements, equipment and infrastructure
Control problem Animals
Explain basic pig husbandry practices
Explain dairy production cleanliness
Mix and deliver feedlot feed to bunker
Participate in agro/ecotourism practices at both micro and meso levels to tourists
Prepare a shearing shed for shearing
Control feed bunker and water trough quality
Demonstrate an understanding of feedlot environment
Determine livestock mass

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